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Regardless of which country you're from, what language you speak or the quantity of Fishing supplies you're looking to purchase, our Fishing Wholesale Sources - eBook will provide you with all of the resources, tools, contacts & information you'll need to buy name brand accessories up to 85% off market price by placing orders direct from the factory overseas, where the products are manufactured.

By placing orders for your Fishing accessories & equipment directly through the in-house sales offices at the manufacturing facilities overseas (Asia, Africa & South America) or bulk liquidator, you'll buy at cost, but better yet, save on shipping, handling & you'll completely eliminate the middle-man.  The most successful Fishing Equipment retailers never place their orders through wholesale industry sources, or the so-called local/regional "best priced vendor". 

In addition to Fishing Equipment Retailers & rental stores; consumers & Fishing enthusiasts can take advantage of the SPECIALLY PRICED offers at the manufacturing facilities.  If you would just ask yourself this question:  How much does it actually cost to manufacture the product?  The answer is less than 7% of what the pro shops sell their merchandise for according to industry statistics.

For example, by contacting the manufacturer overseas using our inside wholesaler contacts, you'll soon learn that a top, brand name Fishing Reel cost only about $5 to manufacture and can be purchased at that price if you know who to speak to at the facility.  So, you have to wonder why pro shops & retailers are selling their reels for up to $300 + each.

Someone is making a serious profit, and we're here to reveal the secrets of the business & provide the resources necessary for any consumer or business to buy their favorite Fishing accessories & equipment at TRUE rock bottom prices buy purchasing through wholesale sources & in-house sales office overseas.

Below, you will find a complete list of countries where you can purchase name brand Fishing accessories & equipment direct from the factory using the list of in-house manufacturer's sales office contacts & liquidators included in our eBook:


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